Moscow Ensemble Alania

Participant and winner of international and russian dancing festivals, federal and city projects



A little about us

Moscow Dance Company «Alania» was founded in 1994. Mostly consisting of talented young people, the company’s creation embeds in the life and customs of Ossetia,  folklore of the Caucasian nations, expressing the habits of different nationaities in their unique way.

Сollective of Company

numbers 150 people; was noted with a gratitude of Russian President,
Honorary diploma of Russian Interior Ministry,
Badge of honor of  republic Saha (Yakutiya),
Honorary diploma of republic North Ossetia- Alania,
Honorary diploma of republic South Ossetia.

8 artists were awarded «Honored Artist of republic North Ossetia- Alania»
8 artists were awarded «Honored Artist of republic South Ossetia»

Dancing is life

Your pulse, your beat of heart and breath.
The rhythm of your life. The expression in time and motion…


Timur Romanovich Muracev

The Director of Moscow Dancing Company «Alania»
National artist of repulic North Ossetia- Alania
Honored culture worker of South Ossetia
Honored artist of Chechen republic
Honored artist of South Ossetia

Always glad to see new people!

We are having our repetitions here

Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya str, 35 (metro Novokuznetskaya).

Repetitions schedule

(16:00- beginners)



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